Our Data Security

  Most of the tax consulting firms are not equipped with handling clients’ data security, since it isvery expensive, they all claim they have all the measures to address security breaches in place,but theygenerally have none of the required measures.

  Imagine the data threat you face with thesetax companies,30% of our revenues go for data security.Our main aim is to provide accurate tax estimations with high level of tax knowledge with extremely high levels of data security.

  We work hardto protect our client’s data, so that they can rest assured about our data security and privacy measures. As a trusted provider, we are fanatic about learning, implementing, and sharing insights, about new developments in latest technology related to data security.

  We actively monitor our security systems 24/7 onsite and remotely as well to prevent any data security breaches. We deeply think about security in a 360Degree Holisticmanner that covers all aspects related to data security.

  We carefully monitor the following aspects of data security. We cover the following aspects on data privacy and security to assure you of a completely safe environment. We have listed them below for your perusal.

  Be rest assured that we follow these religiously to adhere with all compliance norms which are laid down by the state and fedralgovernamnets. Be rest assured when you come to us that you data is safe and secure.

Below the features which have been implemented for the safety of our precious client’s data

  Data Security

  System Security – Server Vulnerability & Hardening

  Identity Management – Account Management (User & High Privilege Accounts)

  Password Management and Authentication

  Event Management – Event Monitoring & Intrusion Detection

  Disaster Recovery

  Asset Security – Laptop Security

  Physical Security (Building & Client Machines)

  Physical Security (Server Rooms)

  Security Officers & Organization

  Employee Security Focus

  Recruitment Process / New Employee Orientation

  Employee Exit / Transfer

  Change Management